Salahuddin Ayyubi Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

Salahuddin Ayyubi Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

Watch Salahuddin Ayyubi Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles You mean that Holovera die. without fault, don’t you, Mr. Bala. If Holovera was innocent, why did sh. accept the accusation and accept death. Apparently a game has bee. played on Holovera, Lady Alche. But all of you attacked and accuse. her even though you knew he. If she was innocent, she would not have accepted the charg. They are all guilt. And maybe Lal was working for her ow. goo. Holovera is an infidel, Mr. Gunj. If Holovera had told us the truth, w. would have helped her, my daughter Gunj.

But she admitted her guil. If you would have believed her, she might have spoke. But you all attacked her, and it i. clear that you left Holofera no escap. Because she was guilty, she admitte. her crime and got what she deserve. That stupid snake girl has charmed yo. It is not appropriate for us to tal. about the dead, my sister-in-la. She’s a murderer and a criminal, so what can I say about her. Holovera is not a murderer, Mr.. Aisha, she is innocent, she is innocen. Whoever you say is innocent is a murderer.

Salahuddin Ayyubi Season 1 Bolum 8 In Urdu Subtitles

and her hands are stained with bloo. I have charmed you al. But I have said it, that girl ha. brought calamity to this house, and bloo. And this blood cannot be cleane. Enough, Aisha, Enough, be silen. The blood will com. They went blin. Only you see the trut. Defend the one who die. She was the one who she. blood first in this palac. She tried to kill m. Enough, my sister-in-la.. Not Enough, Not Enoug. This wedding will be stained with bloo. Blood will flow like a gutte. Don’t blame her, oh, this is the poison tha. turned my brother’s wife into another person. Be wise, Connor, as I wil. always have M. Osman’s bac.

I never hesitate to make my chest a shield for hi. All you are doing is talking, if I had no. arrived today, M. Osman would have die. Be careful, God forbid, you ar. the one who does nothing but tal. The pots you broke have exceeded fort.. Come on, wasn’t Keita under your command. How did a secret headquarters get raided. Why didn’t you take precautions. M. Boran, what is this accusation? We were als. at Keita’s headquarters and had taken all measure.Brother Aykurt, when gentleme.

Watch Salahuddin Ayyubi Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

speak we have no right to spea. I said what I said, Ekurt, an. you can understand it as you wis. Boran, you say that Keita’s headquarters was attacked. but you do not talk about how you knew the headquarter. Salahuddin Ayyubi Season 1 Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles When Imran attacked the headquarters, where wer. your men? Were they staring like idiots like you. Brothers, Brother. My brothers, my brothers, what are you doing, my brothers?. Do not do that, for our fight is with th. infidels and our anger is against the infide.

Everyone knows that my brother Boran consider. M. Osman’s life more important than his ow. M. Connor is known for his organization and love of warrior. Do not do so, my brothers, for this is not appropriate for u. I’ve kept my silenc. so far for this, but I se. Whoever joined Sidi Othman on th. road became equated with his path friend. Ever since I knew myself, I have been defending M. Othma. To tell you, it wasn’t me who caused th. open wound on my master’s back, Conno. Boran, Bora.

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