Salahuddin Ayyubi Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Salahuddin Ayyubi Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Watch Salahuddin Ayyubi Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles. Now Saladin will fall into our grasp. Either he’ll bring the ark, or his family will die. By the way, there is news from our spies. Sultan Nur adDin set out disguised to Medina. Our spies know what should they do. Sultan Nur adDin will die before arriving in Medina. You are responsible for tracing. Take a squad of soldiers and follow Saladin. Yes, sir. Did you come here for trade, sir? We came for a spiritual service. Can a person bear all this hardship for spiritual service? Walking on a holy road isn’t a hardship. It is blessing. They must be tired. Let’s offer them some of our saffron milk so they can cool off. I am truly amazed by your effort. I’m curious about the holy cause that brought you to deserts. The secret is known only to its owner. Yes. Please, drink it. Enjoy it. Now you can rest and have a good sleep. Don’t drink it. You are spies. You’ll die, Sultan Nur adDin. You won’t go to Medina. The Messenger of God has summoned me. Even the armies big as mountains can’t hold me back.

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But you will go to hell. How can they realize, sir? We came with a different uniform. If they realize that we have arrived, They must send the news to Medina. We must go there and catch the traitors there. Sir, are you okay? These desert rats turned out to be spies. We’re going to Medina. Get ready. We couldn’t even ride our horses in this land, And these filthy men made us shed blood. We have been exposed to the enemy. Before they get to our prophets grave, we must get there. Let’s go. We can’t continue with horses anymore. We’ll go to the tribe through the forest. Emir Saladin is there. We’ll catch him and take him to Malik Mevdud. Come on. You did the right thing by not giving the ark, sir. If Avram gets that ark, he’d be even stronger. Then he’d move the Jewish Kingdom. We are responsible for the occupation of the tribe. This is no longer an issue of state, but a duty of honour. Let’s go. You can’t survive the anger of Malik Mevdud, Saladin. Attack. Without shedding blood, heroes.

Watch Salahuddin Ayyubi Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Come on, we must go to tribe. He’s losing a lot of blood. Salahuddin Ayyubi Season 1 Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles. We do not have any materials to treat it. If he is not treated, he will die. Press on the wound, Esma Hatun. Come on. Okay. Stay away. I need to bring aid supplies. My son is dying. Let him die. You can’t leave her. iter Why do we let them talk, Dad? Will we bear their injustice in our homeland? Enough. Tier Instead of drowning in our own blood, we’ll turn here to a blood of pool. Come on, come on. Stay here, daughter. Come on, Rabia. Bear with it, my son. Bear with it, Tranship. The Crusaders conquered the entire tribe. They captured everyone. The tribe we built with hardships, getting destroyed by them. My mother, father, and brothers. Who know how they are tier .They escaped from the tent. Catch them. Stop. Don’t move. We won’t be condemned to death in our own tribe, you scoundrels. You threw my brother into our arms to die. But we won’t submit to your games. Rabia, take everything you need for treatment. I will protect you. I’ll protect my son with my own life. Let’s go. So you’re starting a rebellion, right? I will destroy you.

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