Kurulus Osman Season Episode 131 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season Episode 131 In Urdu Subtitles

Now Watch Kurulus Osman Season Episode 131 In Urdu Subtitles Even iron could not bear it when we mentioned God So he bowed and believed Isn’t it, sir? Iron that does not believe It does not become a sword for the Turks, brother God made horses and iron for us Praise be to God, we have become his army on the face of the earth When our ancestors melted Iron Mountain and left It was a spring day Spring is a good news for us of victory

Now the date of Ramadan may coincide with Nowruz I hope we realize them in our tribe God willing – God willing, sir – God willing, sir God willing O chief blacksmith Come on Let this sword be ready on Nowruz I will cut off Imran’s head with it Your command, Mr.Othman By the way, increase the number of sword-making stoves In the tribe I want a thousand swords ready for Eid Let it be known to you Your order,sir Since the Franks had settled at the site of Karaca Pinar The hunting season has begun Isn’t it, Boran?

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As I said, sir Our heroes have been behind them for two days They headed towards that location and set up camp But they took strict precautions Watch Episode 131 Of Kurulus Osman Season 5 On Mubiplay The Franks are the vanguard units of the Crusaders That’s why if we can’t defeat them They will go to Imran We cannot allow this Any measures can stand up to a sword Made with the remembrance of God, sir?

We’re going to fight now But they’ll think we’re going fishing O shepherd Peace be upon you Peace be upon you, sir Look at this It’s her wool mowing season Mow her wool within a week Your order, sir Go My brother Don’t run away It will be our food My father My father You eat all that food and then you’re defeated Isn’t it? Ghazi, help us with the work, too So that everything can be done quickly My brother Torahan, raid Ghazi, come here My brother Look at this The tribe did not only please the ladies It also pleased Eltutan Look at his movements

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Look at his session Every land he trampled with his glorious horseshoes It became our homeland Yes, Solgor Agha That’s why it’s called Eltutan Have you seen, sir? Even horses are glad spring is coming Let’s go out fishing We will also be pleased, God willing God willing, sir God willing, sir How beautiful she is Good job ladies Delivered ،

Give me Give me It became a beautiful color What do you think? How beautiful she is When woven it will give a very beautiful color Yes, our chests have been opened Isn’t it? Come here You are my breakfast Where to escape – You are fasting, this one You’re going to sweat, Ghazi Isn’t this my little one, Ghazi? Leave him alone, Ghazi Ghazi Oh this Oh my God, oh my Lord Ladies

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