Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 104 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 104 In Urdu Subtitles

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 104 In Urdu Subtitles We differed on the Hungarian campaign and the siege of Constantinople. tier We differed on the Hungarian campaign and the siege of Constantinople. I too, had mistake. But who knows. Maybe. Maybe I felt bad because he sent Shahab udDin instead of me. Yet, we could have prevented all the shame which happened from the beginning. But I couldn’t. The Janissary Corps is my son, I thought I knew their character. I left you as Mehmed’s guardian so as not to make any mistake. Now you stand before me and say: The Janissaries have rebelled. I didn’t want that to happen. But things got heated. Our Sultan is stubborn. Especially after this time, he will never back down. If we don’t take precautions, blood of brothers will spill. What do you want from me? Forgiving. Even if not to me. To your state, which has the effort of many martyrs. I know the traitors among you, one by one. All the tyrants who spit at the doors of the state whom they eat, They’ll feel my wrath. But now I am addressing the innocent among you. You have all sworn allegiance. You acknowledged this when you entered Shahi Khorasan gate. Is this your favor? Is this our reward? I swear by God who holds my soul in his hands. Everyone will know the price for destroying my capital. Now. I give you one last chance, a piece of mercy from the Sultan. Drop your weapons down, and surrender to my justice. I think they’ll surrender.

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Here. The Sultan of security and prosperity, the leader of the invaders. His Eminence Sultan Murad Han. Look at the state I left you. This will have a price. Go to Manisa. And wait for my decision. I seek refuge with God from the accursed Satan. In the name of God. Didn’t we not open your chest for you? And we have removed your burden. Which whom broke your back. Did we not raise your glory? For with hardship comes ease. Indeed, with hardship comes ease. “If so, after you finish one, start another.” Only turn to your Lord and supplicate. It’s all over, Aksem. It’s not over yet, Mehmed. Everything is just beginning.ir, Prince Mehmed wants to see you. God willing. We managed to break up The Crusaders before they united. Catholic Knights can no longer join Janos. According to what I heard. You declared your sultanate in Saruhan I mint currencies in your name. Agreements were made with the apostles. Is this true, Mehmed? Sir Cough, my prince. Cough. Open your mouth, open it. Dear Ahmet Leave my prince What did you do to him? Son Your mother is here. Call the doctor Let them prepare the healing house Your mother is beside you, breathe. Breathe, son, breathe, my prince. You’ll get better. Help us Was it you who sent me to die, mother? You, me. And everyone in this room.

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Is not important than Byzantine. I did what I had to do for to keep the empire alive. Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 103 In Urdu Subtitles. I am your son, mother You were so until you united with Catholics Is that why you made Emperor Johannes die? I didn’t minted those golds, I thought Venetians only problem was to ruin trade. But, it wasn’t their only plan. What was it? Who knows Maybe they wanted you to send an Akinci leader and kill me. You created a council, listened to artists and merchants problem. And you issue rulings like sultans Did Venetians do this, Mehmed? While our Sultan ran from one war to another. Isn’t my duty to solve the problems of merchants which was forgotten? These are very bold words for just an ordinary governor I’m not just an ordinary governor I am prince Mehmed, the grandson of Murad, the leader of the veterans, the son of Murad Han. I did what was right for me. Now if you’ll excuse me. I would like to go to Saruhan, to my job. Okay. But. This isn’t the time to go back.

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