Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 102 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 102 In Urdu Subtitles

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 102 In Urdu Subtitles You’re welcome, too, daughter. I can personally vouch for my daughter Eleni’s skill. I hope she becomes skilled in medicine like you. Be her guide. Yes, my Sultan. Don’t worry about it. Teach her the medicine you have prepared for me. Let her bring it from now on. She is first Gods, and then your trust. My lady. My lady. My lady. My lady? My lady? Are you fine? You didn’t make a sound for several hours. My lady, please say something. Say that you’re okay. I’m not. I’m not okay, Didar. t there. Okay. Okay. What is the situation? Will the treasury allow the siege? God willing. Even if it is difficult, Pasha, it will bear this burden. Are you sure? This is the siege of Constantinople. It’s not like trapping Orhan in front of Yenice. Accounts don’t lie, Pasha. If you like, let’s check it together. No. I won’t. Because. In these notebooks. It does not write about the mansions in the Meric countryside and the shopkeepers in the bazaar where you bought their sons. Come on, Pasha. No way. It will, it will. We already know that pen doesn’t write it all. We know it all, but. We write it aside, not in public. I think, you should.

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Close this notebook. Open a new notebook. Open a new one. That is I’ll close your old notebooks. Okay, Pasha. But, what will we say to our Sultan? Treasurer. What is the state of my treasury? Where do all these taxes and revenues go? My Sultan. To be able to build 55 small ships with 80 decks and the 12 pullers you wanted. I’m fine. Did something happen? Did you receive bad news? It’s fine. Mind your business. Don’t interfere in everything. I think people make the same mistake Which we probably fell into, my Sultan. They too are incapable of understanding our purpose. Also. Finish your word, Pasha. Also. There are grumbles from the Janissary Corps. It is the work of the ignorant who don’t know what they are doing. Sorry, I’m very sorry. But they question your decisions. What are they talking about? You know, they love us and respect us. I went and talked to them. I did, but. They didn’t listen to me. What is your concern, Pasha? Honestly. I fear that they’ll get provoked and rebel. I say that. Either you obey the Janissary Corps. Or the corps will obey you.

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You know, Pasha. Judgment is riding on the back of a tiger. Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 101 In Urdu Subtitles. Everything will be fine if we held on tightly. But if we don’t. That tiger will tear us apart. The Janissaries are tigers. We shouldn’t get off their backs. If Sultan Mehmed doesn’t come and give us our right. We’ll bring the Sultan of Constantinople. Either our coins or death. Aghas. O brave ones. The looting is over. We’ll give Sultan Mehmed one last chance. We’ll go to Alatepe with what we took. Come on, brave ones. Edirne. Belgrade. Constantinople. Come in. Sir, there is something very important. What is this concern, Kazim? Sir, they rebelled. The Janissaries rebelled, and ruined the market. They destroyed everywhere. What do you say, Kazim? Kurtcu, middle Agha’s, did no one stop them? Sir, Kurtcu Dogan himself started the rebellion. There is no safe place anymore. If a fire occurs, it will not stop.

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