Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 95 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 95 In Urdu Subtitles

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 95 In Urdu Subtitles, They will follow and find us. Don’t talk nonsense. Do what’s up to you. We set up an ambush. They won’t get out alive. What did our prince do? What will he do, Hamza? He must be on the way. He’ll be here before evening. Sir. When will we reach the border? You know, heroes in the corp is waiting for our return. Once our prince comes back, we’ll get the permission and go back. First, the death sentence on Empress Helena. Then, sending Orhan to the Turks. When will we put an end to all these mistakes? The Emperor takes the decision, do you realize that, Nataros? Why is there a Senate? Why are you here? So the emperor doesn’t make the wrong decision, right? Does Senate have an authority? Not on the Emperor, But he has power over the people. What difference would it make? We cannot oppose a killer like Demetrius. You’ve lost your mind You are clearly trying to take us with you.

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Not myself, I try to save Byzantine Stop If you leave and go out. You will be the only ones responsible about the empire that will collapse. We can’t do anything. What shall we do? We won’t kill the Emperor Politics is sharper than the sword. That won’t happen. Trust me. And support me. And help me.Why did you leave the prince alone? Why weren’t you by his side? Mara was here. I wanted to keep him away from her. Otherwise, I would have never leave him. Why did you want to keep Mara away? She suddenly entered the room. She sat next to Ahmed and narrated stories full of innuendos. Then, even though I warned her. She sent Ahmed outside. Why would she do that? Since you called Mehmed. Huma Hatun suffers from delusions. I think she was the one who sent Mara. And. While Ahmed was fighting for his life. Huma was just watching him. Why didn’t you tell me this before? I kept silent to avoid mistrust. But. Huma Hatun’s intention isn’t good.

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She wants to kill Ahmed Do you hear what you’re saying? Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 94 In Urdu Subtitles. I get Huma. She’s a mother. She thinks about the life of her son. Does she think about her son’s life by sacrificing my son? , if you allow me. I want to go to Bursa. Where did this come from? My strength is not enough to face all this evil. I’m not afraid for myself, rather, on my son’s life. Let me go. Instead of having you suffer from losing a kid. I prefer death Enough I missed you for all these years, dear Thank God very much we met in good health. I see you’re doing well, Mara Hatun. I hope you are healthy as good as your mood is. Thanks, Bahar. But not now. Why didn’t we say In the name of God. And attack that infidel Janos? Why don’t we suffocate him while he’s asleep? Forgiveness of God You are ridiculous How many infidels will Akinci’ kill you think? Oh, my God Shut up, Saltuk. Shut up, we’ll be ashamed in front of the prince Bring the kids. Do not harm us.

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