Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 78 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 78 In Urdu Subtitles

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 78 In Urdu Subtitles, Young man! Bring water here. Are you having a good time, Master Urban? If you want, come and help us. Share this fun with us too, Your Highness. Help will be provided soon. You’ll have many trainees. The Serbs accepted the alliance. Branković, the stubborn goat. He was finally convinced! Soon a group of Bohemian soldiers will go to welcome Branković into the dark valley. You can share that fun with them. Doesn’t Branković know the way? Why would they go to get him? I don’t know, but Janos wanted this. What is there not to know?! Someone had to report Janos’ orders to Branković. Order? In the bloodiest moments of the war, Branković will hit Murad from his back with his army. Come in. This one. Thank you. The silk isn’t worthy of your skin, but. Famous masters made this for you, from Mosul. Thank you, Gulsah Hatun. Gifts are sacred to Turkmens. Come on! India lands are famous. Otherwise, its fabric is worth nothing next to the Turkmen cloth.

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Oh! Fabrics are ruined! It will be cleaned immediately. Bahar! I got it, I’ll remove the stain. Don’t worry. Oh, my God! I always tell her to let concubines do it, but. It’s for nothing. Excuse me. She’s been here for a long time. But she still hasn’t been able to achieve nobility yet. Excuse her. If the Serbs came to the battlefield, in the most intense moments of war, we’ll lose a lot. You are right. We must inform our prince about this as soon as possible. Follow the path of the creek at the back. You can get there faster through it. And what will you do now? I will kill Janos. Come on! How can you? I won’t leave you here alone on such a difficult mission.

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We have to part ways, Saltuk. Maybe, we should doing this for the first time in our lives. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 77 In Urdu Subtitles. Also, if you can succeed. Then Serbs and others will have no power. What if you get caught, Korkut? Look over there! What if you get caught? Than the martyrdom will be mine. I’ll go to heaven and wait you there, brother. Come on, time is short. Don’t forget telling them about Urban. Forgive me. I forgive you, brother! you too Forgive me. I forgive you! I forgive you! May God help you! Let your path be open, come on! Do you think he believed it? Yes. How can you be sure that he is a Turkish spy? You are just looking. But I see. Sometimes, focus trumps intelligence. That man in Wallachians is an Akinci. He still has the ring mark on his thumb. It’s a ring that only Turkish archers wear. As long as you understand that there is a spy, Why are you so comfortable? I have realized that trouble isn’t a solution. True, the trouble is not the solution. But their infiltration into our country is a real danger. What is it? Are you afraid? Not fear, but caution.

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