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Mubilay Watch Turkish Series In Urdu Subtitles known as Mubi Play, The story and characters in the series is inspired by our history. No living beings were harmed while filming this series. We call the land watered with blood a homeland It is time to shed blood for the land And I, took over this place through bloodshed. But now. It’s your turn.

For the sake of our country, come on. You won’t escape tiger’s claw, Jew. No one can direct a sword to Master Avram What does unsheathing the sword mean While we came to make an agreement? Bai Bora Soldiers Move Walk As long as you make an agreement. Mubilay Watch Turkish Series In Urdu Subtitles Why did you ambush them? If I had a trap, I would have told them to attack so far. Saladin tore the agreement paper before. I had to secure it. If you make a wrong move. Saladin’s tribe will be destroyed.

Salahuddin Eyyubi In Urdu Subtitles

Salahuddin Eyyubi In Urdu Subtitles Saladin is at the tribe for a while. And your lowly partner, Gregor, will be crushed. And I’m going to crush you here. Come on, brothers This is a war for the homeland Until the last drop of our blood. Allah is the greatest Allah is the greatest I have turned your tribe into a pool of blood. I crushed and humiliated your family. But everything was just to kill you. And I will do it now. The blood you shed, increased the intensity of my revenge. And now I’ll drown you in that pool.

You deceived us. You didn’t bring the ark, and you took the tribe by ambushing us. This will be expensive Malik Mevdud. You occupied our lands treacherously. Now it’s your turn to pay the price. Bai Bora Yes, sir Take the gold Jew brought. Soldiers You don’t make an agreement, At the same time, you take the gold This is theft Not theft, but right It is the blood money for your occupation of the tribe. And war spoil. Otherwise, I could have taken your life. What you do is insulting me.

Sultan Mehmed Fatih Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Sultan Mehmed Fatih Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles Avram is not crushed under any insult. You are causing great misfortunes for yourselves, Malik Mevdud. Even if misfortunes rain like rain. We’ll make a sea out of it and swim. Do everything you can Do it, so I can take your head next time. Bai Bora Let them go. Come on. Mubiplay Saladin The horror of my sword will be the last thing you see. Saladin Saladin Commander Gregor Sultan Nur adDin, sir. He prevented us from stealing body of the Prophet of Muslims.

He killed all our men as if wasn’t enough Damn it They attacked us from all directions. But I’ll strike the final blow. Go with our men who track down Sultan Nur adDin. And wait for news from me. I will make them pay for their actions through Sultan Nur adDin. Mubi Play Commander Commander Open your eyes and say something Commander My eye. My eye is gone My eye is gone My sword.